For Siberian cassette label Klammklang it’s been a busy year full of showcases and gigs, marked by a collaboration with Boiler room and a major partnership with CTM Festival. Finally, after a break, Klammklang is back with new material: in the next two month the label is due to release five albums, not just on tapes but now also on vinyl. To celebrate the label’s founder Stas Sharifullin (who also produces his own music under the name HMOT) recorded a special mix for The Calvert Journal featuring exclusive material from upcoming releases. “This mixtape unveils Klammklang’s cosmogony, revealing our creative universe as a whole and drawing listeners' attention to the individuals who compose it,” Sharifullin says. “Despite being of different ages, gender, cultures and nationality, all of them represent the tripartite nature of the label — either working with storytelling, knowledge or musicality, our world’s Mythos, Logos and Melos.”

Artwork by Kathe Shramko