Producer Sergey Suokas, one of the most prolific talents in the Russian electronic music scene, recorded a special mix for The Calvert Journal to celebrate the launch of his latest album The New Cycle. The album is representative of Suokas’s experimental approach, compiled solely from recordings of classical instruments. In the mix below the producer tried to reflect on the future of electronic music. “I put together tracks of contemporary experimental electronic music artists: Jan Werner, Giuseppe Ielasi, Beatrice Dillon, Szun Waves, Vladislav Delay, SND. The main question I wanted to address is the development and the current place of electronic music — how it has evolved through the search for the new, all the while attempting to avoid repetition,” says Suokas. “What is the sound of contemporary electronic music, and has anything changed in the last ten years? Is it possible in our over-saturated era to come up with anything new? Is there anything in the experimental music of the 2010s which could help push whatever comes next?" The final track of the mix, Fleberbett, comes from Suokas's album The New Cycle, out now on Prah Records.

Artwork credit: cover by Lenta