This month’s mixtape from independent techno label listen2me is our very first from Romania. The guys behind the label are a group of friends based between the capital Bucharest and the southern city of Craiova. “Listen2me started out in 2014, consisting of several converging local artists, who had been quietly working in the underground scene,” they told The Calvert Journal. Since showcasing their eclectic range of collaborators in Vol. 1, they have stayed under wraps with carefully considered releases and accompanying atmospheric music videos. All of this seems to have paid off: “In the next few months we're looking towards an eventful schedule, putting out CLNK's next album, Strawman's debut EP and the soundtrack for a Romanian feature film.” Produced exclusively for The Calvert Journal, they describe this mixtape as their “most personal mix yet”, containing unreleased tracks that perfectly demonstrate their restrained, introspective and at times dark techno.