A guide to the New East


Olga Danilkina

Olga Danilkina, 24, graduated in PR from Moscow State University, but has always maintained an interest in journalism. Her passion for contemporary art began about five years ago — she later studied under photography curator Irina Meglinskaya — but her love of the written word won out. She now writes about contemporary culture for a number of Russian publications and organises teaching and publishing initiatives at artist Anatoly Osmolovsky’s BAZA institute. 

Katie Davies

Katie Davies is News Editor of The Calvert Journal. She moved to Moscow after graduating from the University of Sheffield in 2014, where she worked as a reporter for The Moscow Times. Her freelance work includes bylines in The Guardian, The Independent and Vice News. You can follow her on Twitter here

Masha Demianova

Before turning to photography, Demianova studied journalism and creative writing, and worked as a photo shoot producer at L'Officiel magazine. She has taken photographs for a range of well-known publications including L'Officiel, Harper's Bazaar, Afisha Magazine, Look At Me and Port.

Valentin Diaconov

Valentin Diaconov is a Moscow-based critic and curator. He writes on art for Kommersant newspaper. His latest curatorial project was Detective at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art in the summer of 2014.

Louise Dickson

Louise Dickson is a Minnesota native, Moscow-based writer and journalist. She writes about modern Russia, political economics and state-owned entities. Her research interests are varied, ranging from proletariat poetry to photography across the Soviet and post-Soviet space. Her work can be viewed here

Alexei Dmitriev

Alexei Dmitriev was born in St Petersburg (Leningrad). He left for India in 1981 to be an exchange student at Osmania University, Hyderabad. The trip east turned out to be a life-long journey: he jumped the Soviet ship and went to Mt Athos, Greece, later settling in the US. With an MBA from Georgetown University in hand he worked for multinational corporations everywhere from Poland to Bangladesh. A few years ago he reconnected with his humanities side and launched a career in bilingual journalism.

Uliana Dobrova

Uliana Dobrova is an art historian, critic and appraiser. She is a graduate of Moscow State University’s history department, with a focus on Renaissance Art History. She leads the Art Appraisal team at Moscow’s Pavel Tretyakov Expert Organisation. She lectures regularly at the Art Management department of RMA, a Moscow-based business school. For the past five years she has also written extensively about Russian contemporary art.

Anton Dolin

A native Muscovite and a philologist by training, Anton Dolin has been a journalist since 1997 and a professional film critic since 2000. He writes for the lifestyle magazine Afisha and hosts film-review segments on several Russian radio stations and Channel One television. Dolin’s work, which has been published and broadcast by well over a dozen media outlets, has repeatedly won awards from Russia’s Guild of Film Scholars and Film Critics. Born in 1976, he is the author of four books, including ones about the directors Alexei German and Takeshi Kitano. 

Natalia Domagala

Natalia is a freelance writer based in London. She was raised in eastern Poland and has a degree in Anthropology and Media from Goldsmiths, University of London. Her interests include migration, post-socialism, urban anthropology, and collective memory.

Anna Dranishnikova

Anna Dranishnikova is a writer, freelance curator and art critic from Novosibirsk. She is the manager of various culture, art and education projects, including the Moebius Apple Science Art festival and Total Dictation, a Russian language educational project. 

Jacob Dreyer

Jacob Dreyer is a Beijing-based writer and theorist of architecture. He is Senior Editor at Lifestyle 品味生活 Magazine and his work has been published in a wide variety of journals in the US, UK and China. His book The Nocturnal Wanderer is due to be published by Eros Press shortly and his writing can be found at www.dreyerprojects.info

Maria Dudko

Maria Dudko has made three attempts at getting a university degree and has failed at all of them. Most recently she did not obtain her Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Melbourne. She is unemployed, but is very good at reading in the bathtub and having opinions. She likes art and politics. Her biggest achievement to date has been keeping her social anxiety disorder in check for the duration of the Moscow Experimental School for Gender Studies.

William Dunbar

William Dunbar is a London-born journalist and researcher who has lived in Georgia for most of the last ten years. Now a dual British and Georgian national, his interests include the history and culture of the Caucasus, 20th century architecture and Georgian politics"

Nathan Dunne

Nathan Dunne is the author of Lichtenstein and the editor of the essay collection Tarkovsky. He has written for The AtlanticTimes Literary SupplementAeon and Artforum.

Daniil Dymshits

Daniil Dymshits is a Moscow-based journalist and tech enthusiast, working with Russian technology startups and international IT brands. He’s been contributing to The Village and Russian Newsweek