A guide to the New East


Michael Idov

Michael Idov is the former editor-in-chief of GQ Russia. Born in Latvia, he has spent most of his life in the United States before moving to Moscow to edit the magazine. His own writing has appeared in the New York Times, GQ, New York Magazine, The New Republic and many other publications. He is the author of two books — Ground Up, a novel, and Made In Russia, a collection of essays on Soviet design.

Lily Idov

Photographer Lily Idov returned to her hometown of Moscow in 2012. Before that she lived in New York for 15 years her work was published in Vogue, GQ, New York Magazine, Architect and Food+Wine.

Tomer Ifrah

Born in Israel in 1981, Tomer Ifrah began photographing documentary stories in 2007 after his first trip to Ethiopia. Since then he has become committed to documentary photography, taking on long-term projects that address social issues tell everyday stories. Ifrah, who has won several awards for his work in Israel, is currently based in Rio de Janeiro although he frequently travels for assignments and independent documentary projects.

Elena Ishchenko

Elena Ishchenko is an independent writer and curator based in Moscow and Krasnodar. She is also a co-founder and chief editor of aroundart.org — a self-organised online mag on contemporary art and culture in Russia. 

Andrey Ivanov

Andrey Ivanov is a Moscow-based freelance photographer. He began his career in advertising photography. Currently, his gaze is focussed on the border between documentary and art photography.

Anastasia Ivanova

Ivanova is a Moscow-born photographer, videographer model and muse. She did her BA in photography in London, her rock scene initiation in LA and goes for regular spiritual upgrades in Tuva. In her nomadic lifestyle, she divides her time between making music videos for Russian prostitute-rock band Manflu, filming for Pavel Pepperstein's new movie, modelling for Conde Nast Traveler and photographing shamans for her own pleasure.

Olya Ivanova

Olya Ivanova is documentary photographer from Moscow. Her work has been published in the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian Weekend, Monocle, Bloomberg, Neon, Port and other magazines around the world. In her free time she photographs Russian villages and studies at the Institute of Contemporary Art.