A guide to the New East


Kit Macdonald

Kit Macdonald is a freelance writer and editor originally from Scotland but now based in east London. He writes on electronic music, travel, eastern European and international affairs and sport for The Guardian, Resident Advisor, The National, The Independent, Vice, Time Out, Electronic Beats, the Sunday Herald and many others. You can follow his retweets of 1990s football clips and Syrian civil war analysis here.

Sasha Mademuaselle

Sasha Mademuaselle has been taking photographs, especially of her friends, since she was 17. Her work has been featured in a variety of magazines including Vice and Dazed & Confused. She is currently photo editor of influential Russian cultural magazine Afisha.

Kirill Maevsky

Kirill Maevsky is a journalist, a publisher and owner of Smena bookshop. He lives between Moscow and Kazan and works as the head of independent publishing company Il-music and is art director of contemporary cultural center Smena in Kazan. 

Nika Makhlina

Nika Makhlina is a Moscow-based journalist and food critic. She studied journalism in Moscow State University and finished Ragout culinary school. She is also a member of art-group Makhlina-Bolshakov.

Daniil Maksyukov

Daniil Maksyukov is a freelance photographer based in Nizhny Novgorod. He is interested in documentary and street photography, and observing the everyday lives of people. He is currently studying philology at the Higher School of Economics, but he hopes to continue his education in either photography or cinema.

Kamila Mamadnazarbekova

Kamila Mamadnazarbekova is a Moscow-based journalist with a particular interest in cinema and theatre history. After a degree in economics at Moscow State University, she fled to Paris to become a documentary filmmaker at the renowned La Fémis school. But she failed. Instead she continued her studies at GITIS – The Russian University of Theatre Arts. She works for Theatre magazine and is a regular contributor to Vedomosti, gazeta.ru, wonderzine, Vogue, Snob, Interview Russia, Séance and others. 

Giulia Mangione

Florence-born Giulia Mangione is assistant photo editor of The Calvert Journal. She has a passion for photography and photojournalism, and is constantly looking for innovative ways of visual storytelling and photobook making. 

Anastasiia Marchenko

Anastasiia Marchenko is a journalist based in Krasnodar, Russia. She writes about culture and the local community for Yuga.ru.

Anastasiia participated in The Calvert Journal's New Writers Programme.

Victoria Marchenkova

Victoria Marchenkova is an artist and researcher. She graduated from the New Media faculty of the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia and she is now finishing her PhD dissertation about Russian and Chinese video art. She has written for a number of Russian art magazines.

Lazara Marinković

Lazara Marinković is a freelance journalist, documentary photographer and filmmaker and a media and event producer from Belgrade, where she studied Art History and Communications. Since 2009, she has been involved in producing and promoting various cultural and politically-engaged projects within Serbia and abroad. Her media work since 2014 has covered the refugee crisis, queer culture, sex work, human rights, general politics and more. She has been published in local as well as international outlets such as VICE, Al Jazeera, Dazed and Confused and more. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter

Hana Marku

Hana Marku is a writer, editor and researcher based in Prishtina and Toronto. Her work has appeared in Prishtina Insight, Open Democracy and Kosovo 2.0. She holds an MA degree in Communication & Culture and a BA degree in Creative Writing from York University. To follow her work, visit her website or find her on Twitter.

Nicholas Marmet

Nicholas Marmet works at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia. He enjoys combining his interest in the cultures of Eurasia with his passion for ski mountaineering and trail running. 

Tom Masters

Tom Masters is a Berlin-based travel writer working closely with Russia, the former Soviet Union and the extended remnants of the communist world. Having started his career as a print journalist at The St Petersburg Times in Russia, he has subsequently worked in radio for the BBC World Service and as a documentary producer for the BBC, Discovery Channel and History Channel as well as writing dozens of books about some of the world’s least visited places for Lonely Planet. 

Will Mawhood

Will Mawhood is the editor of the website Deep Baltic. He spends quite a lot of his time in Latvia.

Sergey Maximishin

Photojournalist Sergey Maximishin was born in Kerch, a city in eastern Crimea, in 1964. He has worked for numerous publications including the The Times of London, Time magazine, Newsweek, Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. He has twice won the World Press Photo Award in 2004 and in 2006.

Viktor Mazin

Viktor Mazin, PhD, is an art critic, psychoanalyst, curator and the founder of the Freud Dreams Museum in St Petersburg. He has curated numerous exhibitions in Russia, Finland, Germany and the USA and is editor-in-chief of arts and science journal Kabinet, and sits on the editorial boards of numerous other international journals. In addition to teaching visual arts theory at Smolny College, the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences in St Petersburg, he is an honorary professor of the Institute of Depth Psychology (Kiev) and head of the department of theoretical psychoanalysis at the East European Institute of Psychoanalysis (St Petersburg). Mazin is the author of numerous articles and books on psychoanalysis, deconstruction and visual arts, and has had articles published in English, Dutch, German, French and Japanese, as well as Russian.

Brendan McGetrick

Brendan McGetrick is an American author, designer and curator. His work has appeared in publications in over 20 countries including Wired, Art Review, Domus and Vogue Nippon. Upon graduating from New York University, McGetrick worked for four years as head writer and editor for architect Rem Koolhaas’s OMA-AMO office producing a wide range of media works. Upon leaving OMA-AMO in 2007, McGetrick embarked on a series of collaborations with leading designers around Asia. He has also contributed to numerous exhibitions as an artist, editor and curator. In 2011 he curated “Unnamed Design”, a component of the Gwangju Design Biennale, which was selected as the year’s best contemporary design show by the New York Times. Since 2012, he has worked as director at the Strelka Institute in Moscow. For more information, please see brendanmcgetrick.com.

John McIntyre

John McIntyre's work has appeared in Brick: A Literary Journal, The American Scholar, and The Poetry Foundation, among other publications. He lives in the United States. 

Natalia Melikova

Born in Moscow, raised in California, Natalia Melikova is a photographer currently based in Moscow. She is the creator of The Constructivist Project – an interdisciplinary project which promotes Russian avant-garde art and architecture and advocates for the preservation of cultural heritage. She is a member of the Russian branch of Docomomo and does freelance writing on preservation issues in Russia. In addition to an MFA in Photography from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, she also has a degree in International Studies from the University of California in San Diego.

Artyom Melnik

A Yekaterinburg native who loves ginger very much, Melnik is a Masters student at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences at St Petersburg State University, as well as a freelance journalist and  occasional translator. Although his Masters is in Music Criticism, his tastes and cultural interests are much broader.

Daryl Mersom

Daryl Mersom has written for Amuse, Atlantic, Guardian, Huck, i-D, New Statesman, Time Out Croatia, and Vice, and has worked on content with Monster Energy and Vans. So far in 2018 he’s been in Bratislava, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Tbilisi, and Batumi, working on a series of loosely connected articles. He has also been working on a series of location guides, in collaboration with professional skateboarders, surfers, and mountain bikers, to Hossegor, Cape Town, and beyond. Reach out here.

Valentina Michelotti

Valentina Michelotti is an American freelance writer interested in identity politics, nation-building, and contemporary music — and their intersection. From Chicago originally, she has lived in southern California, Russia, Georgia, and Kazakhstan, writing about club music and the youth of the post-Soviet space. 

Yana Mikhalina

Yana Mikhalina is an independent editor and curator from Kazan, based in St Petersburg. Her interest lies in photography, children's literature and critical theory.

Ivan Mikhaylov

Born and raised in Novocheboksarsk, Ivan Mikhaylov investigates anthropological, architectural and cultural landscapes of his native Chuvashia. Spending his time between Moscow and Cheboksary, Mikhaylov has produced a series of photography stories which have been exhibited in Russia, France, Italy, Germany and USA. 

Andrew Miksys

Andrew Miksys is from Seattle.  For the last 15 years he’s been living in Vilnius, Lithuania.  His photography has been shown internationally including exhibitions at the Seattle Art Museum, Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre, and De Apple Contemporary Art Centre in Amsterdam.  He has been the recipient of grants from the Guggenheim Foundation, Fulbright, and the Aaron Siskind Foundation.  His work has appeared in many publications and online including The New Yorker, Harper’s, HOTSHOE, BuzzFeed, and VICE.  His most recent book, DISKO, was published in 2013.  A second edition of DISKO will be published in March 2015 by ARÖK books. 

Sabina Minalto

Sabina is an art critic, journalist and independent curator. Born in Minsk, she currently lives and works in St Petersburg. Sabina is one of the founders and curators of Festival 101: Poetics of Digital Technologies. Her areas of interest are digital and sound art.  

Vsevolod Mititello

Vsevolod Mititello graduated from the St Petersburg State Conservatoire as a French horn player, then from the Smolny Faculty of St Petersburg State University as a music critic. As well as his orchestra work, he writes, mostly about music, but sometimes about bikes.

Slava Mogutin

Slava Mogutin is a New York-based Russian-American artist and writer, exiled from Russia for his outspoken writrings and activism. His artwork has been exhibited around the world from the Museum of Arts and Design in New York to the Haifa Museum of Art in Israel, and has appeared in a wide range of publications including The New York Times, The Village Voice, i-D, Visionaire, L’Uomo Vogue and BUTT.

Davide Monteleone

Davide Monteleone is a documentary photographer who has spent years photographing Russia. He currently lives between Italy and Russia pursuing long-term personal projects including work for VII Photo. In 2001 he moved to Moscow where he worked as a correspondent for the photo agency Contrasto before becoming a regular contributor for high-profile magazines such as the New Yorker. 

Mikhail Mordasov

Mikhail Mordasov is a freelance photographer based in Sochi. He has worked as a stringer for AFP and Reuters, and had work published in numerous publications including The Washington Post, International Herald Tribune, Newsweek, Der Spiegel and Russian Report. You can view his portfolio here

Maria Morina

Maria Morina is a Russian photographer and filmmaker. Since 2009 has been working on joint project by three female photographers Grozny: Nine Cities, which explores specific aspects of the aftermath of the two Chechen wars and which has won several international awards.Her short documentary film, Nizhny Tagil Youth, which explores notions of work and freedom in the lives of young people in Nizhny Tagil, was selected for the Rencontres Internationales in Paris/Berlin/Madrid and screened in 2011-2012. She is currently involved in the production of her first full-length documentary film and a series of photo and video art projects. She is based in St Petersburg.

Andrei Morozov

Andrei Morozov is a Moscow-based journalist and founder of the event agency Proper People. A keen music aficionado, he is known for introducing European and US electronic bands to a Russian audience.

Elise Morton

Elise was News Editor of The Calvert Journal for two years (2015 — 2017). She graduated from Cambridge with a languages degree and is now pursuing an MA in Greece. She is passionate about Eurovision, Soviet musicals, mental health and tea (+obligatory cake).

Egor Mostovshikov

Egor Mostovshikov is a journalist from Moscow. He is a special correspondent for Esquire Russia and has written for Russky Reporter, GQ, The New Times, Kommersant, Afisha, SNC, Hopes&Fear, The Village and Forbes. He is the creator of Batenka.ru.

Monika Mróz

Monika Mróz was born in Wrocław, Poland, where she studied journalism and communication design. She has worked as a freelance editor for online publications such as Thisispaper and The Ones We Love and is mainly interested photography and the visual arts. 

Andrei Muchnik

Andrei Muchnik was born and raised in Voronezh, but moved to Moscow after university. He currently works for The Moscow Times and Russia! magazine, writing on culture. He has also worked in PR and other copywriting roles. 

Georgiana Murariu

Georgiana Murariu is an anthropology graduate with experience in market research and social media for the healthcare industry, currently working as a strategist for a London-based consultancy. She is originally from Romania and has a particular interest in the sociology and anthropology of post-communist states and their reinvention of “national identities”, as well as psychogeography (especially that of urban spaces) and foreign languages. She has previously written for Europe & Me magazine.

Michał Murawski

Michał Murawski is Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at the Department of Russian, Queen Mary, University of London. He completed his PhD in Social Anthropology at Cambridge in 2014. With a focus on Warsaw and Moscow, his work examines how communist spectres – aesthetic as well as political ones – continue to haunt the everyday lives of East European cities. He is currently completing his book, Palace Complex: Stalinist Architectural Afterlives in Post-Socialist Warsaw, soon to appear with Indiana University press.

Lesya Myata

Lesya Myata is an events manager at Calvert 22 Foundation. She is in charge of parallel events programme and does some occasional contributions for The Calvert Journal.