A guide to the New East


Josh Nadeau

Josh Nadeau is a writer, hitchhiker and storyteller whose work focuses on the arts, travel, dialogue and cultural conflict. He divides his time between St Petersburg, Tbilisi and the south of Bosnia. 

Polina Nakraynikova

Polina is the editor-in-chief of the Samara-centric website Bolshaya Derevnya. She took over the site at 21 and has been telling tales of Samaran life for two years already. 

Jenny Nedosekina

Jenny Nedosekina is a Moscow-based singer-songwriter and producer who works under the moniker Jekka (listen to her music here). She is also the founder of Parallel, a blog dedicated to female musicians from across the former Soviet Union, which features interviews, videos and mixes from local artists.

Joy Neumeyer

Joy Neumeyer is a journalist and historian based in Moscow and the San Francisco Bay Area. Her writing has appeared in publications including Vice, The Guardian, ARTnews, Tablet Magazine, and Cat Fancy. She is currently a PhD candidate in History at the University of California, Berkeley, where she is writing a dissertation on death in late Soviet culture.