A guide to the New East


Vladimir Paperny

Vladimir Paperny received his MA in design from the Stroganov Art Academy in Moscow, and his PhD in Cultural Studies from the Russian State University for the Humanities. His PhD thesis Architecture in the age of Stalin. Culture Two was published in Russian (NLO), in English (Cambridge) and in Czech (Arbor Vitae). Since moving to the US in 1981, Dr. Paperny was visiting professor at USC, UCLA, Woodrow Wilson Center, and Bristol University, UK. He continues working in his design studio in Los Angeles. Recently, he was a co-editor of Architecture of Great Expositions 1937-1958: Messages of Peace and Images of War (Ashgate, 2015). His articles, essays and columns (in both English and Russian) appear in such publications as Architectural Digest, Project Russia, Speech, Vogue, SNOB and many others. His collections of essays (in Russian) include Mos Angleles, Mos Angeles-2 (NLO) and Fuck Context? (TATLIN). (Image: Gleb Leonov)

Garrett Pappas

Garrett Pappas is a Moscow-based photographer and legal consultant at a top international firm. He has been living in Russia and the CIS on and off since 2006. His debut exhibition Longue Vue Moscow was shown at a gallery in the Russian capital in October 2012 and received critical acclaim.

Gianluca Pardelli

I was born and raised in a sunny seaside town in Tuscany. After eternal years gone by in the sweet languor of seemingly endless summers I moved north to study Slavic Languages in Berlin and Photojournalism in London. I spent the best time of my university years travelling and photographing around four continents and more than seventy countries. During my journeys I fell hopelessly in love with the complex geopolitical and cultural heritage of a vanished land that used to be called Soviet Union. After many a trip to almost every corner of the former USSR, I eventually settled down in the Caucasus, where I divide my time between photography, linguistics and cheesy pies. 

Alex Partola

Latvian-born, Moscow-based photographer Alex Partola has had his work exhibited in numerous galleries from Artplay in Moscow to Studio 74 in London. In 2012, he published Ghost in the Machine, a photography book about Russian graffiti.

Michael Pattison

Michael Pattison is a writer and film critic from Gateshead. His publications include Sight & Sound, VICE, Slovenian film journals Ekran and KINO!, and Estonian culture magazine Sirp. He has also tutored criticism workshops for young writers at film festivals in Warsaw, Prizren, Tallinn and Białystok.

Yoana Pavlova

Yoana Pavlova is a Bulgarian writer, researcher, and programmer currently based in Paris. Her field of work includes cinema, new media, contemporary visual arts, digital culture, and she covers these topics for various printed and online publications in Bulgarian, English, and French. She is also founder and editor of Festivalists.com — a playform for independent film criticism that has been challenging the common notion of cinema and live events since 2012.

Dan Peleschuk

Dan Peleschuk is a Kiev-based freelance journalist who reports on life and politics in eastern Europe. His work has appeared in Al Jazeera, The Economist, Foreign Policy and Public Radio International, among other outlets.

Kieran Pender

Kieran Pender is an Australian journalist and researcher. He has reported from four continents for publications including The GuardianAl Jazeera and Monocle. Kieran is also a research associate at The Australian National University and a research fellow with the Black Sea Institute. He is ashamedly monolingual, but can order a beer in 12 languages. Kieran is on Twitter.

Sasha Pershakova

Sasha Pershakova is an editor and journalist covering fashion and culture. She contributes to a number of magazines, both print and online, and consults young fashion brands and startups. She is interested in the dynamics of print and digial media, social media and science.

Anton Petrov

Anton Petrov is a freelance photographer from Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. He is a participant in different regional projects such as Siberia: joining the dots, Basco bo gorazdo and Krasnoyarsk postcards. The range of his Siberian expeditions is huge: Anton has photographed Norilsk, the Dudinka and Dikson settlements, Altay nomads, the Kadar Mountain and the Chara Sands, Buddhists of the Aginsky datsan and much more. His works are a part of the exhibition Siberia. Poles in the Krasnoyarsk Museum Centre and the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Tomsk.

Sasha Philippova

Sasha Philippova is a freelance journalist and a member of the female punk band Mirrored Lips.

Egor Pigalev

Egor Pigalev is a freelance photographer based in Perm. He is one of the founding members of photography groups FotoDelo and Convoy, and works at media alliance Mediana.    

Kevin M. F. Platt

Kevin M. F. Platt is the author of books and articles about the intersections of Russian literature and history, most recently Terror and Greatness: Ivan and Peter as Russian Myths. He also writes about and translates Russian poetry. He is currently writing a book about Russian culture in Latvia. He teaches at the University of Pennsylvania. You can see a full bio and list of his publications here.

Jonathan Brooks Platt

Jonathan Brooks Platt is an assistant professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Pittsburgh.  His work includes studies of romantic poetry, Stalinist culture, and Russian contemporary art. In September 2014 he organised the conference "No Radical Art Actions Are Going to Help Here...: Political Violence and Militant Aesthetics After Socialism" as part of the Manifesta 10 Public Program in St Petersburg.

Maria Pogrebnyak

Maria is a journalist and reporter from Rostov-on-Don in southern Russia. She was formerly the editor in chief of the city’s main radio stations’s news service. She works with Russian and international media, usually coverng social and political topics, as well as the culture of the Soviet period.

Naomi Polonsky

Naomi Polonsky is a curator, art critic and translator. She studied French and Russian at the University of Oxford, before doing a Master’s in Curating at the Courtauld Institute of Art. She has experience working at the Hermitage Museum and Tate Modern and writes regularly for the TLS. Follow her on Twitter here

Alexey Ponomarchuk

Alexey is an independent photographer and visual artist currently based between Moscow and Ekaterinburg. His works has been in Vice, ID and Afisha among others. Alexey enjoys exploring new places, such as Yamal, Asia and Andalusia, through his projects. 

Oleg Ponomarev

St Petersburg-based photograoher Oleg Ponomarev, born 1988, studied photography at the St Petersburg Union of Journalists and then under Sergei Maximishin. He has taken part in several collective exhibitions, including the Russian Museum contemporary photography biennale and Russia's Festival of Young Photographers 2013/2014.

Anton Popov

Anton Popov is an ethnographer and social researcher who was born in the Krasnodar region, southern Russia. Before moving to the UK where he did his PhD in 2001, Anton taught in several higher education institutes and vocational collages in Krasnodar, conducted ethnographic research among ethnic minorities and migrants in the Caucasus, collaborated with the human rights centre Memorial, and the Institute for Ethnology and Anthropology in Moscow. His research investigates cultural identity, social memory and national revival in post-socialist society and the UK.      

Sergey Poteryaev

Yekaterinburg-based photographer Sergey Poteryaev specialises in documentary photography and multimedia. He is a member of the Union of Photographers of Russia since 2010, and lives and works in Ekaterinburg. His works have been exhibited in Russia, Lithuania, South Africa, Malaysia, Australia, Switzerland, Romania, UK, Bulgaria, Italy, Guatemala, China, Slovakia, Austria and Netherlands. You can see more of his work here

Andy Potts

Andy Potts first visited Russia in 1990 on a school exchange, and after returning in 2005 to explore the TransMongolian railway he moved to Moscow the following year. Now he works as a freelance journalist, editor and hockey reporter.

Anna Pozniak

Anna Pozniak is a Moscow-based journalist and researcher with an interest in urban sociology and the sociology of culture. She is originally from Belarus, where, around foour years ago, she co-founded an online magazine about local culture KY with a group of her friends. Now she continues to collaborate with Belarusian media and also works at the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design. 

Giulia Prelz Oltramonti

Giulia Prelz Oltramonti is a researcher and lecturer in Political Science at Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL). She has written on the political economies of conflict in the Caucasus and on informality in eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. You can find a full list of her academic papers here.

Liza Premiyak

Liza Premiyak is Managing Editor at The Calvert Journal. In 2014, she graduated from the Critical Writing in Art and Design MA at the Royal College of Art where, in addition to art and architecture, she wrote extensively about Moscow's Gorky Park and its pavilions. 

Jelena Prtoric

Jelena Prtoric is a journalist reporting (mostly) from south-eastern Europe. She holds a Master's degree in Journalism from Sciences Po journalism school in Paris, and has worked for various print, web and radio outlets in French, English and Croatian. Her interests include creative technologies, theatre, graphic novels and all things Soviet. You can follow her on Twitter here.

Alisa Prudnikova

Alisa Prudnikova is Commissioner and Director of the Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art. She is Director of the Ural Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts (NCCA) and a lecturer at the Department of Art History and Cultural Studies of the Ural Federal University. Prudnikova is an organiser and participant of over 30 inter-regional and international conferences.

Ioana Păun

Ioana Păun is a feminist director working and researching internationally, having graduated from Goldsmiths University London and UNATC Bucharest. Her work explores the ways humans behave in ferocious political, economic and medical circumstances. Păun’s performances have traveled to places like the Ashtar Theatre Palestine, the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago, the Onassis Centre Athens, the National Musuem of Contemporary Art in Bucharest, the Schaubühne Theatre in Berlin, Theatre Royal in Stratford East and the Schauspielhaus Wien. Ioana generally collaborates with teams of investigative journalists, researchers and artists and constantly expands the artistic platforms of manifestation for those outside cultural agendas. Find her projects here.  

Agata Pyzik

Agata Pyzik writes in Polish and English for a number of publications incдuding the Guardian, The Wire, Icon, Frieze, Lampa and many more. She has contributed to anthologies on experimental music, Ryszard Kapuściński and contemporary urbanism. She is currently working on two book projects: Counter-Tradition, a collection of interviews with artists and theorists, and Poor But Sexy, on Cold War and post-Communist culture.