A guide to the New East


Pavel Ugamochi

Originally from Vladivostok, Pasha Ugamochi is a graphic designer at Calvert Forum and a musician currently based in St Petersburg, where he works on a number of music projects, including Fog Star and Гипнотический Петербург among others.

Adam Ure

Adam Ure is a writer and researcher into Russian intellectual and cultural history. Originally from Manchester, UK, he has lived and worked in Russia and written widely on Russian religious thought, as well as contemporary Russian culture. One of his major areas of interest is the work of Vasilii Rozanov, and he is the author of Vasilii Rozanov and the Creation: The Edenic Vision and the Rejection of Eschatology.

Andrey Urodov

Andrey Urodov is a freelance journalist covering сultural and social issues in Russia. He runs the non-profit magazine Russia Without Us.