A guide to the New East


Arnold van Bruggen

Arnold van Bruggen, born 1979 in the Netherlands, is a writer and filmmaker and founder of journalistic production agency Prospektor. He is currently collaborating with photographer Rob Hornstra in The Sochi Project, which over the course of five years time will become an atlas of this volatile region, from the multibillion dollar investments in the Olympic areas to the conflict ridden territories of the Northern Caucasus and Georgia.

Georgiy Vanunts

Georgiy Vanunts graduated as a political scientist from St Petersburg State University and now works as a freelance journalist, writing on cinema, culture and fashion for a number of local online media outlets. He has a great passion for classic horror movies and the history of porn.

Pavel Vardishvhili

Pavel Vardishvhili is currently Society Editor at the Russian edition of Interview Magazine. Before that, he worked in PR.  

Andrej Vasilenko

Andrej Vasilenko is a documentary photographer and founder of the project This is Vilnius. He currently lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania. 

Sergey Velsin

Sergey Velsin is a St Petersburg-based journalist, editor and freelance writer focusing on contemporary urban culture and art.

Owen Vince

Owen is a writer and artist living in London, having formerly studied at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies. He runs the small art press PYRAMID Editions.

Francesca Visser

Francesca Visser is a Dutch-Italian freelance journalist based in St Petersburg, Russia. She mostly writes about human rights and social issues. Since October 2016 she has been working on the editorial board of Prospekt Magazine.

Giuliano Vivaldi

Giuliano Vivaldi was born in the UK but has spent most of his adult life living in Spain, Italy and for much of the past decade, Russia. He has studied in Trieste, Salamanca, Moscow and Brighton. A translator by training, he has written on Russian and Soviet film for Bright Lights Film and Film Philosophy and is a member of the Russian Cinema Research Group. He has worked as a film subtitler, a translator of film scripts and keeps a number of blogs devoted to Russian and Soviet film as well on others on more general cultural and political issues. He is currently completing a translation of the Argentinian-born Italian language writer Juan Rodolfo Wilcock’s Stereoscope of Solitary Beings, and embarking on a study of the iconography of Lenin as well as a book-length project on neglected Soviet film-makers.

Denis Volkov

Denis Volkov is a Kazan-based photographer. After studying physics at Kazan Federal University, he switched to a career in media taking pictures and editing for various digital publications. At the moment he works as art director's assistant at the contemporary culture center Smena in Kazan. 

Alexandra Vorobiova

Alexandra Vorobiova is a journalist and critic who is interesting mostly in music ― from avant-garde composers to russian underground bands. She was born in the Far North in Norilsk, and published her first articles in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. She lives and works in St.Petersburg at present. Besides music, Alexandra’s favorite topics are local culture in Russian regions and cultural trends in the post-Soviet states. Her writings were published in the Siberian web-magazine Siburbia, Afisha-Volna and Colta.ru.

Eduard Voronov

Eduard Voronov is based in the southern city of Krasnodar and has a background in graffiti and street photography. As well as being interested in collecting and producing underground house music, Voronov is also the co-founder of a local city bike rental business. Voronov helps to coordinate mixtapes for The Calvert Journal. 

Svetlana Vorontsova-Velyaminova

Moscow-born art history graduate Svetlana Vorontsova-Velyaminova started out at Harper's Bazaar before moving to Russian Vogue as online editor. Her articles have been published in GQ Style, Afisha magazine and Interview Russia.