A guide to the New East
Special report
Unlikely escapes in the new east
How far are you prepared to go for a unique summer break? From a mountain spa resort in Tajikistan to a sailing trip in southern Russia, our correspondents have searched out the hidden treasures of the new east. With stories updated over the week, this is a special report from the road less travelled.
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Taking the waters

How to kick back at a Soviet-era health spa in Tajikistan


Return to Lake Balaton

Revisiting communist Hungary's favourite summer holiday resort


Winds of change

Can sailing transform unlovely Yeysk into a Russian riviera?


Go forth and multiply

Notes from an accidental fertility tour of Central Asia


Beyond borders

A journey through the disputed republics of Transcaucasia


Rich seam

In search of amber, Kaliningrad's famous yellow stone

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Letter from Dushanbe

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Letter from Siberia

Through sands and mountains in search of a gulag ghost-town

Space travel

Your guide to celebrating Cosmonautics Day in Russia

Letter from Veles

The real story of Macedonia's fake news factory

Letter from Kaunas

Lithuania's interwar capital steps into the 21st century