A guide to the New East
Special report
Kiev now
A year on from the Maidan protests, Kiev is a city poised between past and future, balancing complex questions of identity and history. It’s also a place where young creative talent is flourishing, from fashion to photography and design. In a two-part special report The Calvert Journal profiles a city on the rise.
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The long view

Should Kiev erase its Soviet past or learn to live with history, asks Owen Hatherley


In vogue

Ten designers proving Kiev is the fashion capital of the new east


Letter from

Is post-Maidan Kiev the new Berlin or a city making its own future?


Insider's guide

Ten good reasons to visit Ukraine's capital right now


Kiev or Kyiv?

Why is the question of what to call Ukraine's capital so hard to answer?

Life & Style

We own the night

A generation finds its identity through rave culture

Special report

Creative Kiev

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Image: Tasya Kudryk

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