A guide to the New East
Special report
Great journeys
From the Ukrainian steppe to the volcanoes of Kamchatka, across Central Asian desert and Siberian tundra, the wild landscapes of the new east lend themselves to adventure. Our correspondents have crossed this vast territory by train, boat, bus and car. Here are their dispatches from the road less travelled.
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New East

After image

I took a year-long road trip across 15 former Soviet states. Here's what I saw



Two weeks on a train. It’s kind of an existential journey


Sea change

Meet the man who quit his day job for 6 months on a fishing boat to the far east



Moscow’s commuter trains are a strange but fabulous microcosm of human life


Letter from

Altai, wilderness on the edge of change


Outside in

What can you learn about Ukraine from two decades of travels?


Red route

Following the new 1833km gas pipeline from China to Turkmenistan

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Letter from Dushanbe

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Letter from Siberia

Through sands and mountains in search of a gulag ghost-town

Space travel

Your guide to celebrating Cosmonautics Day in Russia

Letter from Veles

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Letter from Kaunas

Lithuania's interwar capital steps into the 21st century