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Five films reinterpreted for the dinner table by Kino Vino's Alissa Timoshkina

London has a lot to offer even for the most spoilt foodies: Michelin stars, celebrated chefs, cuisines from all over the world. But just when it seemed there was nothing new left to cook, along comes Alissa Timoshkina of Kino Vino. Simply put, Kino Vino is a combination of a supper club and a film screening, with menus created especially by guest chefs to reflect the fictional world onscreen. You could call it the next Secret Cinema — in which you are invited to experience the atmosphere of film through food.

For Timoshkina, food and film have been passions for most of her life. “I have been working with film for a while, and have a PhD in film, and I’ve been cooking and hosting parties for as long as I can remember,” she says. The idea of integrating the two came on a trip to Cape Town during a visit to local vineyards. “I was very impressed with how eloquently sommeliers speak about wine and how it pairs with food, and after a few tastings I thought, why not to try and put on an event where wine, film and food would be thematically connected. The name sprung out immediately as in Russian it’s a very cool rhyme”, she recalls.

Timoshkina’s first supper club was based on Peter Greenway’s The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover: a classic roast dinner with a lot of red wine to reflect the deep and rich colours in the film. The following editions spanned a variety of film genres and countries: Ukraine with Olia Hercules and Soviet witch horror Viy, Greece with Despina Siahuli and classic romcom Shirley Valentine, Georgia with Russian Revels and Tengiz Abuladze’s The Wishing Tree, Oliver Rowe’s take on British food based on Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr Fox.

Timoshkina admits that in London, oversaturated with restaurants, food events and supper clubs, it could be quite challenging to stand out. “In our post-modern culture you need to have a mix of everything, people are not interested to go and just eat, they go for an experience rather than the food, they want something unique. Keeping up in London is a great challenge because people can get bored very quickly,” she says.

Yet the main concept at the foundation of Kino Vino lies beyond trends and is quite simple: people sharing a unique moment. “What’s important to me is the idea of a gathering, of people coming together, something almost intimate when you watch a film together in a small group of people, laugh together, share food and wine, it’s a nice bonding experience”, Timoshkina says. “To me that’s quite special”.

We asked Alissa Timoshkina to come up with menus for some iconic films — both new releases and cult classics. 

“People are not interested to go and just eat, they go for an experience rather than the food”

The Neon Demon

Welcome drink
Champagne with dry frozen blueberry powder

Tuna tartare with quail egg, cayenne and raspberry sauce and violet dust

Roast cod with fennel sponge cake, anise meringue crumbs, dry apple crisps and champagne foam

Dark cherry chocolate fondant, with cognac-poached wild cherries and red velvet glitter


Welcome drink
Raspberry and lime gin and tonic

'Il dort dans les choux-fleurs': a warm salad of roasted cauliflower with capers, parsley and jalapeños

Monsieur Bretodeau's perfect roast chicken with braised fennel and artichokes

'Mademoiselle Amélie's famous plum cake'

Fight Club

Welcome drink
'I want you to hit me as hard as you can': Bourbon, beer, fresh lime and ginger juice with a hint of chilli

'Fuck Martha Stewart': a deconstructed Martha's classic BLT sandwich with beer reduction

'His name was Robert Paulson': meatloaf with chunky chips and tabasco tomato puree

'Marla Singer's delight': tobacco-flavoured ice cream with salted caramel and smoked almond brittle

Marie Antoinette

Welcome drink
Orange Blossom champagne

King prawns with asparagus purée

Lobster tail ravioli with seafood bisque and gold leaf

Confit pheasant legs with potato fondant, wild mushroom gratin, shaved truffle and truffle oil

Golden champagne and lavender macaroons

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Welcome drink
Pear and lavender mimosas and mini almond croissants

Mr Yunioshi's Anger: spicy miso-marinated salmon tartare with avocado and wasabi mousse

Out with a Brazilian Millionaire: Churrasco with arroz e feijao

Coming home to Paul: American cherry pie with vanilla ice cream

The next Kino Vino is taking place on the 23 July with Olia Hercules and Andrei Tarkovsy’s Mirror, more info here.

Text: Anastasiia Fedorova 
Image: Kino Vino

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