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Dyad's new Sleepers Club EP

Exclusive premiere on The Calvert Journal

For the last year, Dyad, aka Evgeny Gavrilov, has been busy promoting the work of fellow Siberian electronic musicians with his Novosibirsk-based cassette label Echotourist. But it was his own solo project that started it, with his inaugural Floating Points Drown EP. The Calvert Journal brings you an exclusive premiere of its follow-up, Sleepers Club, out today.  

The record starts with the cosmic synths of Apidae, and just as his previous tape featured birds on its cover, the visuals and track names on his new EP are dedicated to yet more winged creatures: insects. “This release wraps up one series, and opens a new chapter for me, one that will hopefully involve other artists in my ideas and music. The last track on the album already features my brother on guitar, whom I’ve worked together on music for 15 years now,” Gavrilov told The Calvert Journal. Here’s to an epic liftoff for the artist. 

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