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The Gosha Rubchinskiy collaborator building an underground music community

Moscow-based producer Pavel Milyakov aka Buttechno is one of the most renowned figures in Russian electronic music, perhaps due to his fruitful collaboration with designer Gosha Rubchinskiy. He’s worked with Rubchinskiy from the very beginning of the brand, first on the visual side and then providing sound element to his vision. Buttechno’s music however goes much deeper than fashion show soundtracks: it could be deeply atmospheric, bathed in melancholic romanticism, and at other times perfect for the darkest corners of club basements.

Living and working in Moscow, Milyakov also set up the enigmatic music community John’s Kingdom which unites underground producers from the city’s tower block suburbs. He is also committed to visual art, meaning there is always more to his world to dig into.

Text: Anastasiia Fedorova 

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