Billions of plastic pieces wash up on our beaches each year. For most, they are a guilt-laden byproduct of modern life. For Hungarian artist Balázs Csizik, they are a source of inspiration.  

He uses the brightly-coloured shapes littered across the shore to create small works dedicated to Suprematist masters such as Kazimir Malevich.

Each composition is beautiful in itself, but comes with a haunting reminder of one of the biggest challenges facing humanity today.

“We always find these little objects disturbing and dangerous for our nature when we notice them on the seashore, but generally don’t do anything further,” says Csizik, who has called his series Waste Suprematism. “We can find the aesthetic [beauty] of these elements in arranged compositions, but also think that we should raise awareness of this problem.”

After creating each image, Csizik gathers the plastic he has found to dispose of it properly — although for now his efforts remain just one drop in a much larger ocean.

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