Slovakian tech firm AeroMobil has its sights set on being one of the market leaders of China's fledgling flying car industry.

Its STOL 4.0 car (STOL stands for 'short take-off and landing') can reach speeds of up to 160 kilometres per hour on the road and 360 kilometres an hour in the air — and is due to be launched commercially in 2020.

The Bratislava-based startup wants China to be launchpad for its success and, earlier this month, announced a new strategic partnership with Baoneng Motor, part of China's powerful Baoneng Group.

As well as presenting STOL 4.0, Aeromobil has also provided a preview of the VTOL 5.0 car (VTOL stands for 'vertical take-off and landing') and the Sky Dragon. Combining elements from both the STOL 4.0 and the VTOL 5.0, the Sky Dragon has been designed exclusively for the Chinese market, using traditional red and gold colours and a dragon motif.

AeroMobil and Baoneng are now looking at developing new models.

“A car journey from Shanghai to Hangzhou’s West Lake could take more than three hours by road, but with the AeroMobil it would take a mere 40 minutes,” the Slovakian company says on its website. “This shows how flying cars can support important national initiatives such as the integration of the Yangtze River Delta.”

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