Polish creator Oskar Krajewski has scooped a top London art prize for his bold, maximalist sculptures, which transform thousands of abandoned items into futuristic cityscapes.

The UK-based artist took home the third edition of the It’s Art Call prize, organised by The Cult House and the After Nyne Gallery.

Inspired by his love of sci-fi, Krajewski’s thought-provoking works consists of ever-more detailed compositions, with pieces in his Recycled Furniture series using more than 25,000 smaller items such as watches and toy parts. The result is an urban landscape reminiscent of a future Tokyo or Mumbai, crowded by small clay figures who walk the streets of an electrified jungle.

The artist, who founded the Art of OK collective, focuses heavily on recycled parts, giving his work a heavy pro-conservation message. It’s nowhere more obvious that in the hulking body of Krajewski’s Garbage Collector, a sculpture of a future being who gnaws away at the mankind’s plastic waste.

“One of my current goals is to awaken people to the problem of consumptionism leading to Earth's over-exploitation and plastic pollution,” says Krajewski. “My art is to intrigue, to please the viewer’s eye, and to provoke thoughts.”

To see more of Krajewski’s work, visit his collective's website here.

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