Polish designer Zuzia Kozerska has unveiled a new board game celebrating some of history’s most groundbreaking women.

Styled after 70s classic Guess Who, the game challenges players to guess the female icon picked by their opponent from a cast of 28 pioneers. But instead of asking appearance-based questions to whittle down potential candidates, players focus on each woman’s special achievements to hone in on the correct answer.

The game, which is made in Warsaw, features watercolour portraits of women ranging from Hatshepsut to Serena Williams, illustrated in watercolor portraits by artist Daria Gołąb.

“I decided that I had to launch a new project that was really meaningful to me. I got the idea of making a women-powered board game,” says Kozerska, who claims her three-year-old daughter “fell in love” with the mighty women on offer while playing with the prototypes. “So I founded Playeress. I wanted to make it meaningful, fun and durable.”

The team is now running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the project. For more information, click here.

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