A Russian designer has beaten thousands of other entrants to win a competition to redesign the greater Boston area subway map. Moscow-based graphic designer Michael Kvrivishvili won the competition with 6,837 of more than 17,000 votes with his subtle redesign of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority's subway map. Changes include a label for each line to indicate its colour (for passengers who are colour-blind) and more space on the map for the green line's four spokes.

Kelly Smith, a spokeswoman for the MBTA said: "We weren't asking people which one they thought was the coolest, we were asking them which one they would actually want to use on a daily basis." Kvrivishvili, who works for Russia's leading design company Art Lebedev Studio, also participated independently in a competition to redesign the Moscow Metro Map earlier this year. Although he failed to win, he lost out to an entry submitted by his employer, the second time the design agency had redrawn the map in three years.  

Source: The Boston Globe

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