It is not unusual that the days following the launch of a new World Cup or Olympics log sees social media become a playground of ridicule. The unveiling of Brazil’s green and yellow World Cup logo left in its wake a Twitter feed replete with the hashtag #facepalm, an inference to the hand-like yellow cartoon which snaked around the green trophy to rest atop it.

Yesterday marked the first public outing of the logo for Russia’s World Cup in 2018, and again a torrent of mockery was not far away. From comparisons to mushrooms to aliens in space, the #2018worldcup trending hashtag on Twitter has seen the new logo both lauded and laughed at. Here's our list of some of the best (and worst) tweets out there.

Where else to unveil a logo which looks like an alien than space 


A more traditional interpretation 


A throwback to Expressionism


Life imitating art (or vice versa perhaps)


...a razor...


And...back to aliens

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