Russian-American artist and writer Slava Mogutin is taking part in a new group art show in Marseille, France, together with 12 other artists. The exhibition, entitled headlong #2, focuses on the images, behaviours and lifestyles associated with contemporary masculinity, through melancholic romances, introspective stories and auto-fiction.

For the first time, Mogutin and his art partner Brian Kenny, the two artists who form the art collective SUPERM, will be presenting their entire Entropy Parade portfolio, in which the art duo explore entropy as the inevitable and constant deterioration of society. By creating a series of distorted images and multilayer drawings, SUPERM plays with notions of disorder, describing Entropy Parade as “like out-of-control atoms flying around getting hotter…an ‘entropy parade’ is like a parade that just degenerates into more and more chaos”. 

In March last year, Mogutin launched a new book entitled Fragile Beauty, in which the author reminisces over his last years in Nineties Russia. 

The exhibition will run until 7 March 2015. 

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