A collection of postcards, maps, photographs and brochures from Soviet-era tourist guides of Tallinn has gone on display today in the Estonian capital. The Tallinn Collection, first displayed to the public in summer 2014, looks back at the image of Tallinn created and promoted to foreigners during the Soviet Union, and includes a number of original photographs depicting the streets and architecture of the city.  

Displayed at a time when diplomatic relations between Russia and the Baltic states are uneasy, curator of the exhibition and owner of the artefacts Tomas Alexandersson told The Calvert Journal that the exhibition “isn’t about getting into politics, rather showing the material and then allowing each person to make his or her own decision of how they see the city”.

“In a way, this is a very sensitive topic and I was very worried that people might find the exhibition uncomfortable to see, seeing as many of the images on show portray Soviet Tallinn,” Alexandersson added. 

The Tallinn Collection is on display at The Museum of Occupations in Tallinn and will run until 31 August 2015. 

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