Russian designers Nasya ​Kopteva ​and Sasha​ Braulov have launched a collection of desk accessories inspired by architectural landmarks from the Russian avant-garde period.

The Russian Avant-Garde Desktop Organiser collection is made from the leftover solid oak from a carpentry workshop.

Melnikov House, designed by architect and artist Konstantin Melnikov in the 1920s, serves as the inspiration for a magnetic paper-clip holder that takes on the double-drum shape of the building, while another building designed by Melnikov (together with Vladimir Shukhov), the Bakhmetevsky Bus Garage, is the basis for the design of a block to store Post-it notes.

Kopteva and Braulov’s two-in-one pencil sharpener and business-card holder takes its design from St Petersburg's Communication Industry Workers' Palace of Culture, designed by P M Grinberg and G S Raitz and finished in 1939, while the 75-metre-high chimney of the city’s Red Banner Textile Factory by German architect Erich Mendelsohn informs the design of  a tapered ruler.

Details of the full collection can be found here.


Source: Dezeen

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