Nearly all Russian films have failed to make a profit, according to CEO of Roskino, Ekaterina Mtsitouridze.

“It is a serious cause for analysis, why it happened that experts were counting on the success of these films a year or two ago,” said Ms Mtsitouridze.

The head of Roskino, the state-funded organisation dedicated to promoting Russian cinema around the world, highlighted that annual state film subsidies (6 billion rubles or US$90 million), equates to the budget of just one Hollywood blockbuster.

She noted, however, that following the European Film Market, which took place in February, the sale of Russian films has increased by between six and seven times, relative to last year.

According to Ms Mtsitouridze, the only film to record a profit is Flight Crew (2016, dir. Nikolay Lebedev).


Source: Lenta (in Russian)

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