This autumn a collaborative project between the V-A-C Foundation and the Moscow Manege will explore the diverse ways in which disabled people may perceive and experience art.

The project, which is entitled “Common Goal”, will take place at Moscow's Vadim Sidur Museum. Its main objective is to find possibilities for greater inclusion of people with disabilities in the cultural process and the shaping of a theoretical framework relating to the theme of disability.

Six public roundtable discussions will take place in September and October, bringing together both local and international experts in art, philosophy, pedagogy, psychology and sociology.

There will also be an exhibition of contemporary artists, which will be presented alongside the work of Russian avant-garde sculptor Vadim Sidur. The deaf-blind support foundation “Con-nection” will run excursions around the exhibition geared towards those with disabilities.

The project's organisers have noted that the choice of location is no coincidence, with disability a key theme of Sidur's work, and the artist himself discharged as a disabled veteran during the Second World War.

Source: Afisha (in Russian)

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