If Melnikov House, Narkomfin, Shukhov Tower or the Izvestia Buildings not only ring bells but send your heart fluttering, a new publication from Blue Crow Media might actually make your year.  

Constructivist Moscow Map, the third in a series of architecture guides, is a two-sided, Russian-English map including over 50 of the greatest examples of Constructivist architecture in Moscow. Celebrating the avant-garde landmarks of the early Soviet era, the map includes garages, communal housing, factories and workers’ clubs among others. For the Constructivist newbies, the reverse side of the map includes an introduction to Constructivism by architecture experts Natalia Melikova and Nikolai Vassiliev, who also give details about each building in both languages.  


The Constructivist Moscow Map is also available at the Calvert 22 Bookshop in London.

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