Ever feel like you're just one in a crowd? This might be a familiar feeling for the 21 players at the NK Vrčevo Glavica football club, near the Croatian city of Zadar, who all have the same surname.

The second division club has 21 players registered with the surname Števanja.

“There can be up to 14-15 Števanjas at one match. We have three Ivan Števanjas in the side, as well as brothers Ivan and Stipan, Bruno and Ante and Tomislav and Roko,” coach Željko – also a Števanja – told Croatian newspaper 24sata.

According to the paper, given that Guinness World Records has never included an entry about a team with 11 players sharing a surname in an official match, NK Vrčevo Glavica could well be a record-breaker – in the club's last match there were ten Števanjas in the starting line-up.


Source: Croatia Week

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