Miami-based DJ Soulviet (a.k.a. TenDJiz) brings you Soviet Funk Trailers, a video compilation of unreleased funk, soul and rare groove tracks from Soviet-era films.

Restored and edited by DJ Soulviet, the compilation features music from 23 films from 1973 – 1982. The film list includes When I Will Become a Giant (1979, dir. Inna Tumanyan), Vasile Brescanu's Favourite (1976) and Death Under Sail (1976, dir. Ada Neretniece).

“It's amazing that funk and jazz, being the symbols of freedom somehow could slide into Soviet movies. [...] Funk's syncopation caused a disturbance in the rhythm of Soviet music, and I think probably could loosen up the totalitarian ideology and bring the spirit of freedom into society. For the Soviet Funk Trailers project, I selected 23 films mostly from 1970s that had soundtracks influenced by banned American music and that were miraculously overlooked by communist art bosses,” DJ Soulviet says of the project.

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