Human rights NGO Amnesty International has announced the launch of its new informational campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the damage to society caused by Russia's “foreign agents” law.

The campaign is organised in collaboration with the “Agentov.Net” (No Agents) project. The first step will be a public presentation today, during which Amnesty International will present a report entitled “Agents of the people. Four years of the law ‘on foreign agents’ in Russia: implications for society.”

Among those attending the presentation will be the head of Amnesty International's Moscow office in Moscow, Sergei Nikitin; member of the Presidential Council on Civil Society and Human Rights, Ilya Shablinsky; and volunteer for "" and head of the Nizhny Novgorod “Dront” environmental centre, Olga Fedorova.

Russia's “foreign agents” law sees non-profit organisations that receive foreign donations and engage in "political activity" required to register and declare themselves as foreign agents.


Source: Afisha (in Russian)

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