Imagine you're sat on the quayside in Split, sipping on a cool beverage. What will it be — a delicious cola, a delightful glass of chilled white wine, or perhaps a refreshing Pipi? Don't pretend you’re not tempted.

Hailing from Croatia's Dalmatia region, Pipi is an orange-flavoured fizzy drink that enjoyed near cult status in the 1980s and 90s. Just the smallest sip takes many Split-natives back to their youth.

After a worrying period of Pipi shortage, which peaked in 2013, the drink's manufacturers, Dalmacijavino, now have plans to bring the drink to an international audience. The company will first expand its market in Croatia, as well as exporting to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Austria, but has plans to take the drink further afield in Europe.

Until it's available in a shop or bar near you, enjoy this 2013 track by local Split musicians Studio Frendo, which is all about drinking Pipi on the beach.


Source: Croatia Week

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