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You might have seen this illustrator's work before — now you can follow him for a daily dose of both funny and melancholic drawings.

Anton Gudim is a Moscow-based illustrator who can boast nearly a 100,000 followers on his Instargram account alone (@gudim_public), and even more on VKontakte, Twitter, and Facebook.

Most of his works are comic strips, although he occasionally also creates GIFs, videos and single images. Most of the works don't need an explanation in any language (although sometimes phrases in English are added) — the universal sentiment is surely obvious to almost all who experience 21st century-everyday life. Sarcastic, sad or even simply bizzarre, the images are instantly relatable and often end up widely spread across the Internet, shared as memes. 



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Gudim has previously explained that the lack of text in the images or accompanying them is a conscious choice — he believes that a good picture can tell an entire story.

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