Follow Ukrainian tattoo artist Rita Zolotukhina, known as @rit.kit, who can cover you in nature-inspired tattoos of flowers, herbs and plants.

The Kiev-based tattoo artist is already adored on Instagram, where she can boast 517,000 followers, and on Pinterest, where her works are reposted and pinned as the ultimate #tattooinspo. Zolotukhina, who is originally from Donetsk, took art classes throughout her childhood and youth, and studied architecture at university before moving to Kiev and taking up tattooing as a job. Her two ultimate passions are watercolours and plants, which have become her tattoo specialities.

Zolotukhina is fairly new to the tattoo industry — she has only been working as an artist for three years, but has already won a cult following because of her unique technique, in which she draws an outline of a plant leaf directly on the plant instead of a tattoo transfer. The results are unique and unbelievably lifelike tattoos that make you do a double take to make sure it's not just a leaf stuck to someone's forearm. She says that she came up with the technique herself, which felt like a natural next step in making botanics-themed tattoos. So, if you, in the true spirit of New East cuisine, love dill ... why not get some tattooed on you?

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