Get your hands on London’s latest Tube map by Romanian artist Geta Brătescu

22 May 2018

The London Underground has released its latest pocket map, featuring the work of Romanian artist Geta Brătescu.

With vibrant pink triangles anchored by hand-drawn, heavy black lines, the new front cover design was commissioned by Art on the Underground to mark the Tube map’s 28th reincarnation. Inspired by the crowds of people moving through London, the geometric collage hopes to capture both the chaotic playfulness and the order of thousands of passengers as they move through the capital every day.

The work, which is set to start appearing in local stations from 21 May, will form part of Brătescu’s ongoing cycle, Game of Forms.

Brătescu, who celebrated her 92nd birthday earlier this month, works across a number of mediums including collage, performance, photography, textiles, print-making and film. Spending much of her life fighting the shortages of the socialist system, Brătescu built her practice by giving new life to often unassuming materials, adapting and recycling pieces to create new forms and possibilities.

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