If the Republic of Mordovia had its own music label, then this is what its first release would sound like. Don’t be fooled by appearances: Saransk may seem like the small-scale capital of a sleepy province, but scratch the surface and you’ll find a thriving underground music scene, with lo-fi hip-hop beatmakers, various strands of electronica, tripped-out post-rock and punk that cuts through the city's seemingly docile atmosphere. Many of these artists have performed at Saransk’s Secret Place, a quasi-illicit venue where locals musicians like Anton Kudimov — aka Damba — keep the energy going with gigs and DJ sets. Also featuring Mordovian folk sounds to add local flavour, this is the sound of a true DIY scene in action.

Verbah — William Blake
13th Door — Wild Wind
Ensslin — Lotus-eater
Verbah — Burning Bright
Pink Honey — Berlin Techno
Damba — Accept the Void
13th Door — Bandit Russia
Gellerio — M13
Gidropony — Discokidz
Losing it — Survive this summer
Torama — Tyushtya
Truckdrivers — Barefoot kid
Mishka Mishka — Kid Fun
Yotov Yus — Flame
Granks — Acid Wings
Microwave Popcorn — Vegan Love
Gellerio — Latest Disco
Pink Honey — Tree Bones
Gidropony — Princess Coca
Mordens — Korilnaya
Damba — Insarllah