Explore a world of dystopian pop culture with Czechia’s Filip Hodas

11 June 2018

For digital designer Filip Hodas, art isn’t just focusing on what we make: it’s looking at the things we leave behind.

Publishing on Instagram, the Prague-based artist has created a pop culture dystopia: a world where once beloved icons are left strewn across an empty wasteland.

Neglected, abandoned, and covered in graffiti, these cultural landmarks linger on- despite being all but forgotten by the rest of the world.

The series has won Hodas legions of followers, but he says he began the work in a bid to boost his own skills.

“The main goal of this series is to learn how to use Substance Painter and how to implement it in my texturing workflow,” he said.

To see more of Hodas’ work, visit his Instagram here.