Meet the new travel guide showcasing Minsk’s underground culture scene

Meet the new travel guide showcasing Minsk's underground culture scene

15 June 2018

After scrapping short-term visas in 2017, Belarus has emerged onto the tourist radar. But anyone jetting to Minsk for a New East city break will face at least one major headache: finding information in English.

That’s something Minsk-based art director Kasia Syramalot wants to change. “On the internet, there’s very little in the way of comprehensive information about the city and its people in English,” she says. “And if there is, it’s an absolute cliche, showing the Belarusian government in the best possible light and usually far from reality.”

Syramalot is part of the team behind, which is an online magazine covering culture, particularly the underground scene.

The project is the latest offshoot of 34Media, which created underground Minsk magazine, local music website Piarshak, and a streetwear shop.

With a focus on event listings, indie creators, urban legends and city trends, the site wants to “open-up” the sometimes complicated Belarusian capital by promoting the kind of gigs and parties the writers themselves will be heading to later that night.

“[Minsk Not Dead] is not rooted in history but closely tied with contemporary Minsk, its future, and people who make this city,” says Syramalot. “One has to be bold, fearless and independent in order to create something in country like this.”

For more information, visit the MinskNotDead website by clicking here.