Watch as this Porsche made from Lego drives through the streets of Warsaw

28 June 2018

Poland’s Tomek Makolski is used to shooting commercials for the globe’s top car firms. But now the photographer has taken on a whole new challenge: taking shots of a Porsche supercar made of Lego.

Motoring fans might be disappointed that Makolski couldn’t take a full-size car onto the streets of Warsaw. Instead he took shots of locations around the city before shooting a smaller, Lego model in his studio. Visual illusions, clever camera work and post-production trickery came together to make the real magic in the final images.

“I wanted to play with viewer’s sense of scale and perception by inserting a life-size Lego Porsche GT3 model into the streets of Warsaw,” Makolski told The Calvert Journal. “[It was] creating an effect almost identical to a car spotter taking a photograph of a supercar.”

To see more of Makolski’s work, visit his website here.