Check out the winning designs for Ukraine’s new Maidan Museum

4 July 2018

Officials in Ukraine have unveiled plans for a permanent museum to the country’s Maidan Revolution.

German architecture firm Kleihues + Kleihues, best known for creating the National Museum in Oslo, won an international competition with their design, “Storming the Hill”. The museum, which was shaped to embody a decisive charge by protesters against Ukrainian Security Forces, will be encompassed by a ramp leading to the building’s rooftop terrace.

The museum will form just one part of a wider complex, including a memorial walkway dedicated to the the “Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred”. The monument, designed by Dutch/Ukrainian duo Irina Volynets and Maria Protsik, will centre around a central walkway, marked by 107 monuments to those who died during the uprising.

“Maidan became a kind of epicenter of major changes in the country and a symbol of patriotism and sacrifice,” said the team behind the competition. “It started the process of transformation, not only on the political scene, but also culturally and socially.”

“Obviously, the consequences of this explosion of anger and dignity, which unleashed enormous social energy, will be felt for decades. The significance of the event, and the memory of hundreds of people who paid with their lives deserves full comprehension, study, and preservation.”