Get ready for Lithuania’s major modern art space to open its doors

Get ready for Lithuania's major modern art space to open its doors

15 October 2018

Lithuania’s latest modern art institution is opening its doors with a four-day event celebrating the country’s best modern artists.

Formerly known as the Modern Art Centre, the rebranded MO Museum will dedicate itself to exploring Lithuanian art from the 1950s to the present day.

The centre’s new home, designed by Studio Libeskind, was envisioned as a cultural “gateway” for the city of Vilnius: telling the story of the past while connecting to the capital’s future.

MO Museum will open its doors on 18 October 2018, with its inaugural exhibition All Art Is About Us. All of the works on display will come from the MO Museum’s own vast collection, which was recognised as being of “national significance” back in 2011. The show will push visitors to look at the works both from their personal perspective and through the broader lens of Lithuanian national identity. There will also be a number of special events taking place to mark the opening between 18 October and 21 October.

“The programme will bring out the following message: MO Museum is about modernists. It is not about specific ideology, movement or group,” says the gallery. “Anyone who is open-minded and forward-looking can be a modernist. The idea behind the opening event is to build an interdisciplinary community based on collaboration and exchange of ideas.”