Europe’s highest hotel opens in Russian Caucasus

17 October 2013

Europe’s highest hotel has opened on Mount Elbrus, a dormant volcano with an altitude of 5,642m, in Russia’s Caucasus region. LEAPrus 3912 offers 49 climbers accommodation in four prefabricated fibreglass huts at a height of 4,000m. Two of the huts are for guests, a third houses staff and a restaurant, and a fourth serves as a communal bathroom with toilets and showers.

The hotel prides itself on being eco-friendly with a system that uses melted snow for sanitation and solar power for electricity for light, heat and hot water. The pods were designed by LEAPfactory, an Italian firm that specialises in alpine architecture, on behalf of the North Caucasus Mountain Club, a Russian company that promotes tourism in the region. The different components of the hotel were produced in Italy and then assembled on the Kabardino-Balkaria slops in the North Caucasus.

Source: RIA Novosti, Dezeen