Moscow exhibition looks at the body as protest

22 October 2013

Since the Seventies, Ukraine’s second-largest city, Kharkov, has been a hub for the country’s artistic community. Now, Moscow’s Lumiere Brothers Centre for Photography will be hosting an exhibition that brings together the experimental work of various photographers who lived in Kharkov between 1970 and 2010. Act of Disobedience: The Body as Protest comprises work that experiments with printing techniques, collages and more. As the title of the show suggests, the artists use the body as a tool of protest in their work.

As well as featuring veteran photographers such as Boris Mikhailov, whose portraits of the homeless in Kharkov document the social disintegration that followed the breakup of the Soviet Union, it also showcases the work of a new generation represented by artists such as Roman Pyatkovka who came first in the conceptual category at this year’s Sony World Photography Awards. The show runs until 1 December at the Lumiere Brothers Centre for Photography.