First 3D-printed underwear created in Russia

First 3D-printed underwear created in Russia

30 July 2014
Text Nadia Beard

Russian designer Victoria Anoka has created the first 3D-printing pattern for underwear. The two-piece underwear design, made for lingerie brand Lascana, will be available for printing in 3D studios in Moscow later this year. The sea-themed set, which underwent a four-month testing period, links together shells and pearls printed from durable nylon, allowing customers to paint the set in whatever colour they choose.

In August, a complete set of 3D underwear designs from Anoka will showcase at Geek-Picnic, a festival of modern technology, science and art in St Petersburg, with the sale of the patterns going live on Lascana’s website from November.

Managing director of Lascana, Ksenia Shilkina, said: “We are opening the future through the use of promising technology like 3D printing. It’s amazing, and we were the first in Russia to demonstrate that you can ‘print’ underwear with a printer.”

According to both Anoka and the lingerie company, the patterns will cost no more than a few thousand roubles (around $80), but definitive prices have yet to be announced.