Electronic musician Mujuice turns to art with MMOMA exhibition

5 September 2014
Text Anastasia Fedorova

Roma Litvinov, aka Mujuice, famous as one of Russia’s most prominent and innovative electronic musicians, appears to be a man of many talents. Today he makes his debut as a visual artist, with an exhibition, Metamorphosis, at Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

The concept of the exhibition is based on Litvinov’s work on the soundtrack for Alexei Lobanov’s film The Wings, and also resembles collages he created earlier for his most recent album, also called Metamorphosis.

“The movie that I was making the soundtrack for is a kind of children’s epic, a bit like those Soviet-era adventure pictures with beautiful scenery, lots of nature, forests, fields and birds, a lot of birds…” says Litvinov. “As a composer, I pay more attention to these shots, atmospheric sketches of a plane flight rather than to the plot as such. And as I was working on my music, I realised I was actually creating my own story, something about myself. The movie made me look back into my own childhood feelings and memories. As a child, I spent quite a lot of time at a holiday home with vast premises where I could wander through forests and fields with only my music player to keep me company.”

The exhibition includes posters, collages and video projections, as well as Roman’s drawings on the walls and audio installations. Although Litvinov was actually trained as a graphic designer and has been previously designed all visuals and cover art for his music himself, but this is the first time his work will exhibited in a gallery.

The exhibition runs from 5 September until 12 October at Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

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