Instagram, glass design and the first Russian-Romany dictionary; news you may have missed

Instagram, glass design and the first Russian-Romany dictionary; news you may have missed

26 September 2014
Illustrations Jonathan Jones

Vladivostok city centre to transform for three-day festival next month

In early October, architects, urbanists and designers in Russia’s Far Eastern city of Vladivostok will be able to enjoy free tours of the historic centre of the city. Lectures, bicycle races, exhibitions, workshops and outdoor screenings will be going on throughout the city for the three-day festival, which is aimed at the discovery and promotion of ideas associated with change to Vladivostok’s urban environment.

St Petersburg annual LGBT festival QueerFest disrupted by homophobic attacks

QueerFest, Russia’s annual LGBT rights festival, was forced to cancel most of its events this week following attacks, bomb threats, pressure from authorities and last-minute venue cancellations. St Petersburg lawmaker Vitaly Milonov, the architect of the “anti-gay” propaganda law enacted in Russia last year, was present with a group of around 20 men who blocked entrances and attacked the audience with an unknown gas and green dye.

Omsk-based company sets Russia-wide contest for innovative glass design

Omsk-based glass design company Ekookna has been accepting entries for a design contest for the most original interior use of glass in private and public spaces. Intended to help develop innovative design, the organisation encouraged applicants to submit designs using all forms of glassware, from window glazing to stained and tinted glass. Winners of the contest will have their designs published on Ekookna’s website.

Filmmaker Nikita Mikhalkov to open informal film academy

Prominent Russian filmmaker Nikita Mikhalkov has announced plans to open a film academy for budding actors, directors and screenwriters in Russia. Scheduled to open next September, the academy is set to receive 50 students, who will work towards performances then tour with their productions. Steering away from classroom-only learning, Mikhalkov’s new school will “have the atmosphere of teatime at the dacha”, according to the director.

The first Russian-Romany dictionary launched by poet in Kaliningrad

The first Russian-Romany dictionary has been published by poet and journalist Nikolay Vasilevskiy in Kaliningrad this week. The first dictionary of its kind, the book contains translations of over 18,000 words, proverbs, riddles and sayings from the Roma people. Although only a small number of copies of the dictionary have been published at Vasilevskiy’s own expense, the publication has already garnered attention from Kaliningrad’s libraries, which have bought up most of the copies currently released for library shelves. Vasilevskiy is currently working on a second edition to be released soon.

Novosibirsk State University launches Instagram competition “I Love NSU”

Novosibirsk State University (NSU) is set to launch an Instagram competition “I Love NSU”, inviting students to post photos with #instaNSU to the official NSU Instagram page, with photos applying to one of five categories approved by the university. The categories include: “I love NSU”; “We are at university”; Teacher of the week”; “Did you know that…”; and “Students together”. The winner of the contest will win breakfast with the rector of the university, Michael Fedoruk. The winner will be announced at the end of September.

Water-themed biennale opens in Yakutsk

Russia’s eastern city of Yakutsk has opened the third international Yakutsk biennale of art, themed this year around the subject of water. Entitled H2O: Reflections on climate change, the biennale will display artworks in three locations across the city, at the National Art Museum of the Republic of Sakha, Taloye Lake and the Urgel art gallery. The show features art exploring the consequences of industrial intervention on the environment and its impact on the northern regions of Russia.