Director Konchalovsky to put on musical of Crime and Punishment

Director Konchalovsky to put on musical of Crime and Punishment
Andrei Konchalovsky

1 October 2014
Text Nadia Beard

Russian-American film director Andrei Konchalovsky has announced plans to direct a rock-opera version of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s famous novel Crime and Punishment at Moscow Musical Theatre.

The musical, based on a score written by composer Eduard Artemyev in 2009, will be set in a modern day city, according to the theatre’s director Mikhail Shvydkoy, who noted the importance of “creating a concept for a new generation of people”. With two years of preliminary work on the show now complete, the stage for the production is soon to begin construction, Shvydkoy told Interfax news agency.

The show will open the theatre’s fifth season and will use a mobile set in preparation for taking the production on tour to other cities and countries.

Konchalovsky said: “For the two main characters, Sonya and Raskolnikov, we need outstanding musical talents with particular aesthetic qualities. This will be our main task for the next few months. Without these two individuals, it is unlikely whether this performance can be achieved.”

Konchalovsky made headlines earlier this week when he refused to let his latest film The Postman’s White Nights compete in the Oscar’s foreign film competition, slamming the Hollywood prize as “overvalued” and a “symbol of the west’s outdated idea of its own cultural dominance”.

Open casting calls for Sonya and Raskolnikov will begin in November this year.