Designers of Putin rings to launch further President-inspired accessories line

14 January 2015
Text Nadia Beard

The creators of a line of patriotic silver rings bearing the face of President Vladimir Putin have announced plans to add a watch, bracelet, pendant and pen to their Putin-inspired accessory range. The 100 limited-edition rings, which were available from the brand Putinversteher’s website for 7,500 roubles each ($113), sold out in the first two days of being launched, causing the designers to accept more orders in the days following the ring launch in December.

The designer and founder of the brand, Gleb Krainik, was the former head of the ideological department of pro-Kremlin youth movement Nashi, and reportedly launched the range to combat Putin’s negative public image. The name of the line — Putinversteher — can be translated as “people who understand Putin”.

In the last year, clothing and accessories lines have increasingly borne the face of the Russian President. In August this year, a special-edition titanium iPhone 5S emblazoned with the image of the Russian head of state was designed by Italian jewellery firm Perla Penna for luxury phone company Caviar, with each of the 499 phones priced at 119,000 roubles ($3,300). A line of T-shirts with Putin’s image were also launched at Moscow’s GUM department store, which sold fast after Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke was photographed wearing the top in the summer.