New Ziferblat pay-per-minute cafe opens in Manchester

New Ziferblat pay-per-minute cafe opens in Manchester
Ziferblat, Kazan

3 February 2015
Text Nadia Beard

The newest branch of pay-per-minute cafe Ziferblat has now opened in Manchester’s city centre, with its signature free cakes, drinks, biscuits and wi-fi available to guests at a flat rate of 5p per minute. The opening in Manchester’s Northern Quarter comes just six months after the launch of a new branch at a dacha in the Moscow countryside last August, which is both a co-working space and a family weekend cottage.

Pioneered by Russian entrepreneur Ivan Mitin, the Ziferblat chain has been hailed as a success in both Russia and the UK, with east London’s Shoreditch the site of its British debut. Customers can take their own food and drink to the alcohol-free cafes, while coffee, tea, biscuits, toast and jam are complimentary. The aim of the cafes is to encourage collaboration between patrons with regular film screenings, lectures, poetry readings and more organised at the venues.

Ziferblat dacha, Moscow region

Ziferblat, Moscow

Ziferblat, Nizhny Novgorod

Ziferblat, Rostov-on-Don