Internet memes using celebrities’ photographs banned by Russia’s media watchdog

Internet memes using celebrities' photographs banned by Russia's media watchdog

14 April 2015

Internet memes using celebrities’ photographs have been banned in Russia as they “violate the legislation on personal data and discredit honour, dignity and the business reputation of public figures”, media watchdog Roskomandzor wrote on its VK account. The decision comes after a Moscow court ruled last week that a meme bearing the face of Russian singer Valery Syutkin violates his privacy.

Violations of personal data legislation also include creating a fake account on behalf of a public person; creating a fake website for a public personality dedicated to the professional and social activities of the person; and using the photo of a celebrity for a popular internet meme which is “unrelated to the identity of the ‘celebrity’”.

Syutkin took popular Russian website Lurkmore to court after his image appeared on the site with the controversial 2005 song lyrics “Bei Babu po Ebalu” (Smack the bitch in the face) across the bottom.

Source: GlobalVoices